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Look ma, i drew a picture!

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I forget that old cameras don’t always have to take formal pictures

oh wow this is amazing/hilarious. i especially love the two arseholes standing on a weird tree stump and MANPLANE

if you thought it couldn’t get funnier btw the man in the white suit is Tsar Nicholas II

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2x18 - The Immunity Syndrome

(bones is on the bridge so much they should really think about installing him a chair or some sort of safety device for when they’ve got turbulence, poor guy)

As if a chair would help, just look at Chekov XD

Seatbelts…a lost technology

IIRC, it took until Nemesis for any version of the Enterprise to have those XD

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made my fave pics from my Delirium themed shoot into a photoset!

This was getting some likes so I figured I’d repost it! This was an awesome shoot done by my friend Mookie (of Dominic Deegan and StarPower fame!) 

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Open Letter to Phyllis Schlafly From 12 Year-Old Madison Kimrey (Guest Post)

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